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IGCSE Business Studies: Learning Tips

IGCSE Business Studies: learning tips

IGCSE Business Studies: learning tips

If you are looking some ultimate tips to score better in IGCSE Business Studies, then follow the given tips:

Learn how to answer questions. Firstly, read the questions and analyze them correctly. Answer to the point, paragraphs without key points are not entertained. In paper one, follow the marking schemes. 6 mark questions are divided as follows- 2 for knowledge, 2 for analysis and 2 for evaluation. You should follow study guide in order to get more ideas.

Learning with fun is a secret followed by toppers. Group study is one of the most beneficial methods of smart study. Plan a meet with peers at one of your friend’s place. You could also call up a few seniors who have written this exam before and are smart enough to solve your doubts and guide you right. You can easily find free accounting course available online. You can take help from these courses.

Lastly, never fall short of practice. A perfect man is recognized by his hard work and practice that led him towards success. Solve as many question papers as you can, keep all your concepts clear. Manage your time well during exam and while studying as well. Spare a good lot of time for revisions and you will be on board.

I would now summarize by quoting “Every problem has a solution” and “Hardwork is the only key to success”. Openly accept and dedicate yourself to your education. Pen down a schedule for your studies and follow it strictly. Have a sound mind before entering the examination hall as a tensed mind will just get you blank. These are a few tips to score well in an IGCSE business studies examination. Do practice all of these, keep it regular and let your efforts speak your success story!


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